Inch Bar

In the heart of San Pedro de Alcántara, enjoy the pleasures of authentic Asian cuisine and Sushi bar that will have you yearning for more.

Interview: Vanessa Stankiewicz

Portrait: Daniel Alea

What inspired you to be come a chef ?
Just the fact that food makes people smile, and knowing that its my food,
always reminds me that I love making people happy.

Where and how were you trained?
I started my career at the age of 16 with chef Dave Morris at Don Leone
restaurant, where I was formed in the basis of French and Italian cuisine.
From there I went to allin1 café with chef Dexter Porcincula were I learned
a lot of kitchen skills. My Asian base comes obviously from my roots,
as well as working with chef Wan at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
How long have you been cooking professionally?
11 years
How would you describe your style of cooking?
“Fearless”, I’m not afraid to use any type of ingredient.

What´s your “signature dish” or favorite dish you enjoy cooking?
Its called “Adobo”, it’s a typical Filipino dish, it’s also the first dish I learned
to cook. Every time I cook it, I think of the smile of the people who
ate it the first time I made it, it was that moment that inspired me to begin my cooking career.
Favorite ingredient?
As I’ve said before, I’m open to any type of ingredient. The key is learning
how to use them properly.
What makes a successful restaurant?
“Consistency”, hard work as well, of course. You have to be consistent
with what you do, people come back to a restaurant because they want to
have the same experience, or better then the first time they came.

What sets your restaurant apart?
The “small details”, the extra love we put into a dish before it reaches
our client. The extra care that waiters give to clients during service, small
things that people don’t see…
Other than your own place, where do you enjoy going for a good meal?
Usually small local places, either street food or home cooked. I believe it’s
where you can see the real essence of the food you are eating.
What are your future plans for the restaurant?
Expansion. We want to open as many locations as we can in different
places. Grow are work family, and give new employees the chance to
learn and love the job. Help employ people in need and at the same time,
let diners outside of Marbella enjoy what we love doing the most, cook
delicious dishes.
Your latest travels?
Japan, incredible, another world! How different the people are, their work
ethics and the respect they have for everything, It´s a life changer for anyone
who goes and sees it with their own eyes.
The dishes that inspired us were a few, but one of them, Katsukare, which
we already had on our menu, with what we learned and tasted there,
helped us take ours to a whole different level. The crispiness of the breadcrumbs
& the techniques they used to make the sauce were incredible.
Another dish we were inspired to create was the, Gyoza Okonomiyaki. As
we all know “gyozas” are Japanese dumplings, with what we observed we
were able to make ours with a new twist, making them really crispy and
using the same topping and sauces as the dish Okonomiyaki, known as
Japanese pizza.
Where to next?
In March we will be touring Singapore, Penang & Thailand, I´m really
excited and looking forward to it.

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