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We talked with Paul Muñoz, director of Las Brisas golf club.

How many years has Las Brisas been in operation?

RCG Las Brisas will become 50 next year, as it was funded in 1968 by Jose Banús under the name of Nueva Andalucía Golf, in 1981 it became a Members Private Club.

What sets Las Brisas Golf apart from the many golf courses in the Costa del Sol?

Apart from the many golf courses that are based in The Costa del Sol we believe its on of the most Exclusive Members’ Club, as per its International Membership (+30 nationalities) it has been also fully renovated course (following USGA construction standard).

Among other courses our numbers give an excellent availability to play toitsmembers,it’saveryeasyand walkable course and has an updated routing (by a well renowned golf architect, Kyle Phillips). It has First- class facilities a very active social environment and professional skilled people.

How are you achieving the club ́s defining scope?

Basically, its all down to exclusive service and attention to detail, how we achieve the Club’s defining scope.


What was the scope and vision of the reconstruction that the club wanted to achieve?

The course is the main asset of the Club, and this was built back in 1968, designed by renowned golf architect Robert Trent Jones Sr., taking in consideration the golf equipment at the time. By reconstructing the full course, we were achieving to renovate and renew the technical infrastructure of greens, tees, bunkers, cart paths, irrigation and drainages systems, though also, updating the routing and layout considering the golf equipment in place, this way, the course has considered to enlarge his life spam, hoping for it the best for another 50 years.

What factors did the club take under consideration, in selecting Kyle Phillips for the reconstruction?

The Club is proud of the legacy that Robert Trent Jones Sr. left and wanted to respect is work. This is the reason we were pushed to hire Kyle Phillips, he had a perfect CV having worked with the Trent Jones family for 16 years and furthermore, Robert Trent Jones Sr. chose Kyle Phillips to redesign the only course he allowed to be named after himself (Robert Trent Jones Sr. Club) and was delighted with the result.

How was the reconstruction handled so that the original course DNA could  stil lebefelt?

By hiring Kyle Phillips, renowned golf architect, how RCG Las Brisas thinks is the best professional on earth with knowledge about the RobertTrent Jones, Sr. philosophy.

How had golf equipment advancements impact the design process?

The equipment has change a lot, in terms of distances, so for example, all our bunkers had to be replaced or repositioned, according to the average distances that golfers achieve today vs. players back in the 60’s.

Is the Las Brisas reconstruction now complete? If not, when?

RCG Las Brisas has now a fully consistent renovated course, ready to enter the year (2018) of its 50 anniversaries.

Are the members happy with the new course re-design?

Members are delighted with the results of the renovation, expectation is way beyond my own expectation and I am overwhelm with congratulations.

What holes or course improvements stand out as being exceptional or have realized the goals of the reconstruction plan?

All the holes have certainly improved, though I would say that from 13th hole onwards, the finishing sequence of the last five holes has been improved dramatically. Not only have the green to tee walks been significantly reduced,but,even more importantly, the variety and beauty of the finishing holes provide a dramatic crescendo to the course.

«We transplanted two huge Araucarias, that weighted around 100 tons each, inquiring costs of almost 200.000€ to proceed successfully.»

What environmental features where implemented into the course reconstruction design?

We put a lot of effort to comply environmentally, as per all the transplanting of trees, following scrupulously all the procedures that the government imposes although hiring a renowned tree biologist that advised us on every aspect. As an example, to enable the new routing, we transplanted two huge Araucarias, that weighted around 100 tons each, inquiring costs of almost 200.000€ to proceed successfully.

Beside the golf course re-desing what other course facilities have been improved or update?

All the facilities were renovated in 2008 so they are updated. The restaurantaddedaMembersPrivate Dining area this year, this has been a great addition that members are enjoying.


Did the reconstruction of the course incorporate the use of any different grasses for fairways or greens?

Yes, we incorporated a very new specie of grass on fairways and roughs, Bermuda Celebration, which is more tolerant to draught and salted water, as we are obliged to irrigate with reclaimed water that has very high levels of salt. This type of grass is a cool season grass which also has less needs to of using any kind of pesticides for weed control or illnesses. Greens and tees remain with the same species, which is Bentgrass.

What changes, or were there any changes, that helped the greens keeping and maintenance team to continue to keep course conditions at an optimum level year round? As I previously answered, the choosing of Bermuda Celebration Grass, having a brand new irrigation system and good drainage hugely helps the maintenance team to keep the course conditions at their optimum levels year round.

«We offer the possibility to experience a day as a member certain times of the year.»

How has time and areas dramatic changes impacted the Las Brisas membership mix or social focus?

Times have changed a lot, everything is now so fast, everyone wants everything perfect and they want it now!! So, we try to deliver, we always try to exceed the Members expectations at all time.

As a private members club are there any services available to the public?

We offer the possibility to experience a day as a member certain times of the year, low season, basically.

What makes the club restaurant so successful?

Basically, we hired a well-known franchise, so its professionally taken care; excellence, service and consistency are the main reasons for its success.

What lies in the future for Las Brisas? Any other project?

Short range we are working organizing the 50th anniversary celebrations being held next year, mid/long range we are always working to keep the essence of this Exclusive Members alive and active.

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